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The IX: Golf Thursday with Addie Parker, December 16, 2021

Golf is hard. Like really hard. But I have a quick fix if you find yourself struggling, especially if you have difficulty getting off the tee! It’s simple really, and you’ll probably kick yourself when you see just how easy this solution is. Okay, are you ready?

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Play forward.

See? Easy! I don’t know if it’s ego or over-confidence, but so many amateur golfers make the fatal mistake of playing from the wrong tee box. It’s common to hear the dichotomy “men’s tees” and “ladies tees” but let’s set the record straight — tee boxes are predicated on handicap, not gender.

For the last few years, the topic about gendered tee-boxes has really taken off, in conjunction with how to “grow the game”. The conversation is extremely necessary and I’m happy to give my two cents.

People who are new to our beloved sport deserve to not feel bad about themselves when playing the forward tees. Playing at your comfort level and respecting other people’s choices should always be in our minds. Women who have been playing golf for a majority of their lives shouldn’t be placed in a box (no pun intended), that undermines their skill level. The assumption that someone who plays forward is a worse player adds shame, and there’s nothing shameful about it. The chase for distance that the golf industry is obsessed with doesn’t help either. You have some players who would rather swing themselves out of their shoes to hit it 300+ yards in the trees, then swing smooth and easy and be down the middle of the fairway. It means nothing if you hit the ball a mile but still can’t make it in the hole.

So what’s the point? Each week, I try my hardest to make readers, whether you are a IX rookie or vet, aware of the disparities that taint golf. You should be aware of things even if they may not affect you. There’s substance to the gendered tee-box conversation and it deserves your attention.

Golf should be fun. Golf is not fun when you’re constantly hitting out of the woods or you have a fairway wood into every green.

No matter your skill level, I challenge you to play forward. Forget tee boxes completely! I played the best golf of my life when I only practiced from 100 yards out. Or go even bigger, challenge your local golf course to end the stigma! The USGA outlines three ways golf courses can be more inclusive with marking tee boxes.

Set new challenges for 2022, take your game to the next level, and don’t let outdated terminology keep you from playing the best golf of your life.

See you next Thursday, golf fans.

“My rule is, if you can’t outdrive me, you’re playing in front of me; you’re moving up a tee.” 

— Danielle Kang, Golf Digest December 2021

This week in women’s golf

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Gendered Tees Conversation:

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The biggest gauntlet in pro golf wrapped up last weekend in Alabama

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Looking Ahead to 2022:

Golf In 2022 – Preview Of The Pro Game 

AIG Women’s Open: 2022 qualifying venues confirmed  

The disappearance of Peng Shuai has left the world outraged. Beth Ann Nichols shares her thoughts on how  LPGA must draw a line against playing in China, Saudi Arabia.

Ladies European Tour:

The LET also has their final rounds of Q-School going down, check it out! 

Other News:

After our money conversation from Thanksgiving, this just blew my mind. CLICK NOW!!!!! 

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Five at The IX: Q-Series Week 2 Quotes

You know we love our tweets at The IX, and this week is no different!

If you missed the action from the Q-Series, you’re in luck, I am about to grace you with the magic from this past weekend! I can’t wait to see what these 46 women are going to accomplish in the 2022.

The last two weeks have been littered with specials moments. From aces, to sisters battling to clinch their card, to players hoping for some redemption, the 2021 Q-Series didn’t disappoint.

Here are five of the best quotes from Q-Series week 2:

Kristy McPherson has won twice on the LPGA Tour and was hoping that this year would bring her some redemption. She unfortunately missed the cut off by one stroke. She’s proof that there’s no age limit on making your dreams come true, and that trying and failing is apart of the process.

Medalist Na Rin An gets candid with how intense the Q-Series can get and it’s appreciated. Posting 33-under par is no small feat…SHE DID THAT!

Grounding yourself in high stakes moments is important. You have to remind yourself that you’ve been here before, you’ve trained for this, and you will come out on top! But sometimes you just need a drink to take the edge off! Or in Savannah Vilaubi’s case, a drink to celebrate a bogey-free round! Cheers to that!

Pauline Roussin-Bouchard is my Q-Series MVP. Obviously her playing blew me away (she finished second, one stroke behind An), but her attitude and antics over the last two weeks were beyond enjoyable! She trusted in herself, stayed present in the moment, and it worked out. I couldn’t be happier for her!

So anxious that you forget how to breathe? Yeah, been there, done that! Anita, if you ever read this, here are some breathing exercises for us all to enjoy.

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