Introducing The IX Advisory Board

Anya Packer, Megan Rose and Julie Foudy Help The IX steer its course

Introducing The IX Advisory Board

Over the short history of The IX Newsletter, I have been privileged to talk to a wide variety of thought leaders in women’s sports to help chart our course forward.

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The vital work we are undertaking here: making sure women’s sports, and the media coverage of it, isn’t silo’d and enjoys the same fullness of networking routinely available to men’s sports. That’s why our subscribers get to experience the plugged-in analysis, curated links and original interviews from five of us working in this space: Annie Peterson on soccer, Joey Dillon on tennis, Carly Grenfell on golf, Erica Ayala on hockey, and my work on basketball.

To make sure we are expanding our reach in ways and with the fullness the rich tapestry of women’s sports deserves, I am excited to announce a trio of vital power players in the women’s sports world as charter members of The IX Advisory Board: Anya Packer, Director of the National Women’s Hockey League Players’ Association, Megan Rose, Senior Director of the United States Tennis Association Competitive Pathway, and former captain of the United States women’s national soccer team and television analyst Julie Foudy. Over the coming days, we’ll be introducing you to each of them in turn.

Anya Packer
Megan Rose
Julie Foudy

A vital part of our work here is making sure everyone who is working in various capacities to increase the connectivity of women’s sports knows about our work, and lets us know what they are doing so we can amplify their work, while independently reporting on the sports we cover. The single best thing you can do to be part of that change is share The IX with those who are served by it every single day.

Thank you Anya, Megan and Julie for stepping forward to help us supercharge this effort. And thank you to everyone taking the time to read this, for helping us continue the vital work of building the infrastructure of women’s sports.


Howard Megdal

Founder/Editor, The IX Newsletter

Written by The IX Team