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The IX: Golf Thursday with Addie Parker, November 11, 2021

Happy Veterans Day! 

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As the 2021 season winds down, the LPGA is in Belleair, Florida for this week’s Pelican Women’s Championship. This tournament is quickly becoming one of my favorite LPGA events ever. Though it has a brief history (it was introduced to the tournament schedule for the first time last year), this tournament has the potential to become a crowd favorite and let me tell you why.

If you’re all about the quality of golf being played, you’re in for a treat! Seven of the world’s top ten ranked players are in the field this week, so I’m sure we’re in for a showcase from the best of the best. From an interview club owner Dan Doyle Jr. did with he wants the Pelican Women’s Championship to become “like the Masters”. 

But if you’re all about the philanthropic work of the LPGA, this tournament also has you covered. As much fun as it is to watch players drop birdies for our viewing pleasure, the tournament (in partnership with the BayCare Foundation) will donate $50 to charity for every birdie made. The “Birdies for Babies” program is geared to raise money for home-monitoring blood pressure kits for patients [moms] who are at greatest risk of developing dangerous hypertensive disorders during pregnancy. If you’d like to make your own donation, you may do so here

November not only signifies the end of the season but it is also national adoption month! To commemorate such a special month, for its #DriveOn campaign, the LPGA highlighted the story of Autumn Solesbee. The story was written by her parents Jamie and Donnie Solesbee, where they shared a heartfelt sentiment about how golf has impacted Autumn’s life while shaping their dynamic as a family. 

What I love about golf is it’s unique ability to make connections in unexpected ways. I could’ve written today’s article about one of these events but there was something bridging these stories together. Golf and family. For some, their families introduced them to golf, for others golf has introduced them to their families. No matter what your journey to the game has looked like, I am glad you’re here, with me, on this Golf Thursday, appreciating what our common thread is doing for others!

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” – Richard Bach

This week in women’s golf

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Links about the Pelican Women’s Championship:

Remember our amazing friend Sarah? Yeah, well here’s her story giving you the behind the scenes scoop on the Pelican Women’s Championship tournament set up.

More information about the Birdies for Babies program

A small group of players are having somewhat of a homecoming playing in the tournament this week! WFTS Tampa Bay shares the story here!

The Tampa Bay Times reports on the Pelican Women’s Championship, you can find ticket info, coverage times, and the full rundown on who is playing. 

More on how the Pelican Women’s Championship is becoming a thing of beauty! 

Family Matters:

In case you missed the LPGA’s story on Autumn Solesbee and her family! Watch the videos embedded in the article if you want to smile a little bit brighter! 

Another beautiful adoption story from the LPGA’s managing editor Steve Eubanks and his daughter Liza! This story also features Autumn Solesbee! 

LPGA player Brittant Lincicome gives us some insight on her family dynamic with golf, and life as a mom! 

Other Tournament News:

Last week, the Ladies European Tour was in Saudi Arabia for the Saudi Ladies International golf tournament. This tournament is historic because when it was hosted last year, it was the first ever professional women’s sporting event in Saudi Arabia. Click here to read more about the women’s golf fight for equality. 

The HGV Tournament of Champions marks the start of the official 2022 LPGA Tour season and they are kicking it off with a bang with  a music lineup that you don’t want to miss!

What a difference a week makes! Nelly Korda has returned to the number spot, despite not  playing for the last three weeks. 


Brynn Walker shares what she learned from Q School, and reminds us that the real lesson comes from the process, not just the result. 

Junior Golf:

It’s Megha Ganne’s world and we’re just living in it.

Five at the IX: Joanne Briones, Golf and Grief

Keeping with the theme of golf binding families this week, I had a conversation with Joanne Briones. 

Joanne, runs Beta Systems International, a company founded in 2017, headquartered in Potomac, Maryland, which is a Minority Woman Owned business offering an extensive array of services to support federal, state and local government agencies meet their mission-critical requirements and business demands.

Joanne also runs the Instagram page Golf and Grief. Joanne and her family’s story was one that struck close to home for me. Here’s her story:

First, tell me about how you got involved in golf. How old were you when you first started? And compare it to the role it plays in your life now.

My start into golf is two fold. I started running the company my dad founded at the beginning of 2020. Seeking guidance from my dad’s former mentor, about what to do and how to run the business at the end of the conversation he asked me if I played golf. I said that I did not. He simply responded, “You should.” I knew he played often with my dad and if golf brought him friendship with my father as well as success in his business I figured I’d give it a shot. My dad was an avid golfer and picked it up in his later years in life. As a former tennis player and overall athlete, golf was a great sport for him that wasn’t as strenuous but could play well into his retirement. I am a new golfer in every sense of the word. I just picked it up last year so I was 39 when I first started playing (eek!). Just further proof that it’s never too late to learn to play! Lastly, golf plays a significant role in my life not only as a business/networking tool, but every time I play or practice it brings me closer to my dad. Although we will never get to play together, I see the beauty in the game that he saw in it.

For me personally, I come from a golfing family, that was a major bonding agent for all of us. I’m curious about how you and your family use golf, especially with your Instagram page.

My family uses golf as a bonding tool as well! My husband picked up back up around the time that I first started and my son has taken lessons on and off (he’s six). We might try lessons again when he’s a little older and has a longer attention span but he loves putting and riding in the golf cart. Capturing my family on my instagram page is one of my inspirations for my  IG posts. I love showing us enjoying   golf together as a family, especially the funny moments.

How did “Golf and Grief” come to life? 

The day after my dad’s first year death anniversary I was driving and the idea just hit me. My journey into golf had just started a few months prior and I wanted to record my progress (the good, bad and ugly!). Additionally, since my dad had just passed the year before, my journey through grief still felt fresh and I was still navigating my life without him. Since golf has been seen as a metaphor for life, and my journey into golf started with my dad, it seemed like a natural transition to combine the two. For me, my ig page is literally where my golf journey and grief journey intersect.

What has golf taught you about yourself and being a mother?

Golf has taught me so much about myself and being a mother. It has taught me that it’s never too late to learn something new, like golf. Anyone can play golf, even a previously unathletic, “older” working mom like myself. Golf rules and etiquette reflect many of the lessons I want to pass onto my son as a mother. Patience, hard work, integrity, persistence and decorum to name a few (which is hard for my six year old at the moment, LOL).

I think a lot of women still feel uncomfortable in the world of golf, whether if that’s getting started or even if they have played before there’s a hesitancy to keep going. What is your advice for those women?

I think you literally described me. As a new, female golfer there were times that I felt out of place or stuck out, both feelings making me feel uncomfortable. I would say dig deep, remember why you wanted to learn/play golf in the first place, to inspire you to have confidence to go out there and play your game. Additionally, the idea of a female golfer can be a rarity, or even a novelty to some people. This might be a little weird but be ready to say, albeit nicely, a stern no. I don’t know if it’s a me thing, a female thing or a mom thing, but I have this weird innate sense to be a people pleaser. When it comes to golf, people may feel compelled to chat you up during a serious practice session on the driving range, give you unsolicited golf advice, etc. Do not let these people or situations get in the way of your golf goals. I literally had to practice giving a succinct no or decline, but it has helped a lot in staying focused while on the range or course.

Be sure to follow Joanne and her family on Instagram @golfandgrief!

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