The IX: Golf Thursday with Carly Grenfell, April 18, 2019

The launch of a new women's golf podcast — Interview with USC's Justin Silverstein — Must-click links in women's golf

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The Power of Digital and Social Media In Golf

When I started working at the PGA over a year ago, one of the first things I was tasked with was doing an audit of our social media channels to look at what works, but also areas we could grow in. I learned immediately that the PGA of America has a powerful voice that is celebrated and recognized. I learned that people are really passionate about our brand and the game of golf. I could sense, even through a computer screen, that we are listened to.

In many ways, social media is the front porch of branding that presents a wide-open view of who we are. Part of my job in digital/social media at the PGA, then, is to make people curious and interested enough to stop walking (or scrolling) and interact with us. Easier said than done a lot of times! That means continuing to engage our current fans/following, but also finding ways to attract and welcome new fans.

Coming from a basketball background, and being pretty new to the golf industry, I really appreciate and welcome this challenge. When I dove into the demographics of the PGA’s social media following and learned that it’s over 80% middle-aged men, I realized that was an enormous opportunity for me to do something about it.

That’s what leads me to a fun announcement today! I was challenged by my boss to take our voice in the social space a step further and felt that launching a podcast would be one small way to speak to more than the average golfer or golf fan. The fact of the matter is that if you looked at me, you would never assume I’m a golfer or that I’ve ever played golf. This podcast, called Fairway Tales, will focus on stories surrounding girls and women in golf, while offering the unique perspectives and fresh/fun ideas of leaders who think differently.  So often, golf is confined to a single definition or stereotype, when really it can be whatever we want it to be. That’s the message we hope resonates with listeners.

My goal is to bring in all the movers and shakers in the golf industry to this podcast to share their story. Because breaking stereotypes in golf is needed, and the people who challenge these stereotypes deserve to be heard.

For those interested, I wanted to share that the podcast is now live on iTunes and Spotify with guests Suzy Whaley (PGA of America President), Tisha Alyn Abrea (Golf personality and influencer) and Pratima Sherpa (the young woman looking to become Nepal’s first-ever female professional golfer) so far. Now that it is off the ground, I hope to bring on guests once or twice a month and begin to grow our following.

By the way—I am ALWAYS open to feedback, good or bad, and am definitely taking guest suggestions for future episodes. Please reach out ( or tweet me @carlygren) with any and all ideas, too, as this concept and podcast will evolve with time. What I’m really looking forward to is building up a community of people who simply love a good story. I don’t want this to be restricted to or only attract people in golf, but rather, appeal to a much broader audience and show them that golf is more than what meets the eye. Hope you enjoy!

This Week in Women’s Golf

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College championships are underway! Here’s a great round-up of results.

The LOTTE Championship is underway this week and Nelly Korda leads the field.

Here are some opening round highlights from the LOTTE Championship.

LPGA Founder Marilynn Smith was remembered for her honesty and integrity.

Hannah Green is becoming a household name in the LPGA.

Will a women’s Masters actually ever happen?

Leona Maguire accepts special exemption into the KPMG Women’s PGA.

The LPGA’s #DriveOn campaign focuses on diversity, inclusion and empowerment.

A sneak peak of the 2019 US Senior Women’s Open field.

Meet the man behind Korea’s new LPGA golf course.

Tweet of the Week

Five at The IX: Head Coach Justin Silverstein

I haven’t talked much about NCAA golf in these weekly blasts, so hopefully you were able to dive into the round-up of championships going on now. The University of Southern California, currently the No. 1 ranked team this season, won its first conference title since 2016 and sixth tournament title of the 2019 campaign under head coach Justin Silverstein’s lead. It was not an easy victory, either, as the Trojans stormed back from third place to win by one stroke. This was also USC’s seventh Pac-12 title in program history and fifth in the last 12 years. Here’s what Silverstein had to say after the final round.

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