The IX: Golf Thursday with Carly Grenfell, March 21, 2019

Insight from the LPGA Commissioner—#DriveOn—Must-click links in women's golf

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Drive On

“This is for every girl who has been told she is too loud, too quiet, too this or too that.”

Yesterday (March 20) afternoon, the LPGA launched a campaign ahead of the LPGA Founders Cup titled #DriveOn, where this quote comes from. More on that down below—including insight from LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan and the #DriveOn video that kicked off the campaign—but I wanted to add a few comments that I believe make this initiative powerful.

As girls and women, especially in sport, it’s true. We are constantly told what to be and how to be it. We’re judged through a more critical lens. We’re criticized for showing emotion. We’re compared to boys and men, where they are the standard and not us. I love this campaign because if you follow the LPGA, you know what these players stand for. They are the ones thanking volunteers during play, stopping to sign autographs at any given time, posting to social media expressing their gratitude after tournaments, doing meaningful work outside of golf and the list goes on.

But deeper than that, they aren’t signing multi-million dollar contracts. They are still fighting for more television coverage. They are torn down for “not hitting it as far” or not being “entertaining.” Their purse sizes are drastically smaller than the PGA TOUR. But yet, they are just thankful to be in the position they are in. That’s an organization and product we should all want to #DriveOn for.

This Week in Women’s Golf

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It’s LPGA Founders Cup week! See who’s leading the action so far.

Here are the groups and tee times for Round 1 of the LPGA Founders Cup.

This is why we celebrate the LPGA Founders Cup.

The LPGA launches #DriveOn campaign and it’s wonderful.

Park looks to defend her title at the LPGA Founders Cup.

LPGA Players reflect on the impact of the LPGA founders.

Lincicome’s sponsors will honor her contract during pregnancy.

Here’s a look at what the LPGA’s maternity policy is.

The 2019 Solheim Cup now has an official sponsor.

Korda looking to continue her early season success in Phoenix this week.

Alexa Pano, 14, will be the youngest competitor in the ANWA.

Pratima Sherpa should be making an appearance in Phoenix!

Danielle Kang is launching a new campaign with UNICEF.

Tweet of the Week

Five at The IX: Mike Whan Introduces #DriveOn

LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan has been with the LPGA Tour since 2010. In his time, he has fully embraced the LPGA as a global tour with amazing women who people should get behind, but has also pushed for growth when it comes to exposure of players, business relationships and the overall fan experience. It’s obvious in the #DriveOn campaign that Whan understands women’s empowerment, authenticity and diversity and inclusion. Here are five awesome soundbites from Whan surrounding #DriveOn. The full video can be found here.

I. At the LPGA, these things (diversity and inclusion, women’s empowerment, authenticity and individual leadership) have been part of our DNA for 70 years. At the LPGA, we’re a living, breathing example of these important topics.

II. Our athletes don’t have multi-million dollar contracts, with option years and no trade clauses. They are independent, successful business women. They run their own businesses. Hire and fire their own teams. These athletes are moms. These athletes are kids. They come from all over the world in every shape and every size.

III. I get it, they probably don’t look like, walk like, talk like your stereotype of what a leader should be. You know what? That’s okay with them. They know the difference they are making is on the next generation.

IV. Understand this simple fact: more companies have joined the LPGA in the last few years than any time in our history. More businesses are joining us now than ever before. Why is that? I’m sure they love the talent and skill these professional athletes bring to the golf course. But what’s really clear, is they love and respect what these athletes represent and how they impact so much more than golf.

V. We felt it was time to position our unique group of athletes, teachers and leaders exactly as they are: standing on the shoulders of the women who came before them, fully prepared to put the future on their shoulders.

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