The IX: Hockey Friday with Erica L. Ayala, September 25, 2020

Whatever you're doing is not enough — Interview with Zoe Hickel — must-click links

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Whatever you’re doing is not enough

A grand jury found one office guilty of three counts on wanton endangerment in the no-knock warrant that led to the killing of Breonna Taylor.

I don’t want to hear “I’m sorry.” I don’t want to hear anything.

I don’t want new shirts or random social media posts.

I don’t want to hear about the presidential election. Let me clarify this one. The presidential election is important and deserves your attention. However, when we only focus on the presidential election, we overlook that local elections directly or indirectly decide the following:

  • Police Chiefs

  • Judges


The NWHL focused generally on voting Tuesday by launching a PSA on National Voter Registration Day. A few weeks ago, the PWHPA released its statement on diversity and inclusiveness.

However, I am still waiting for professional women’s hockey to take more action. I get that hockey is new to this, but that does not mean I have to be patient. Why?

Because women’s hockey players are a highly educated group and are capable of doing more. The fact that players are still apprehensive to use their voice is exactly how racism lives.

The Black Girl Hockey Club launched the #GetUncomfortable pledge this week and lots of women’s hockey players shared it. Personally, I am not very interested in pledges at this point, but I applaud this effort.

Some people aren’t going to say (STILL) Black Lives Matter aloud because they believe what the existing power structure has told them about the campaign rather than using their own common sense. Calling the BLM movement an anarchist group is akin to calling the Ku Klux Klan a Gentleman’s Club.

I applaud the BGHC pledge because white people are self-selecting (presumably) to be apart of the conversation and work of antiracism. So while I am not impressed by anyone simply signing a pledge, I hope & have faith that even a small percentage of those tweeting their support will put their feet to the pavement.

Once before I listed things I’d like to see women’s hockey do to commit to antiracism. I am not going to offer any more suggestions at this time.

Training camp is over, it’s game time! What is WoHo going to do? Are they willing to fight through the mistakes, the emotional fatigue, and the cheap shots?

What is WoHo willing to do to win this game? When you figure out the game plan, I’ll be ready.

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This Week in Women’s Hockey

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Take the BGHC Pledge and then actually do something every day to eradicate racism.

We are officially less than 500 days from the 2022 Winter Olympics in China and the host women’s hockey team is gearing up for its first Games since 2010.

Lynn Olson named the 2020 Lester Patrick Trophy winner.

Rewatch the Beanpot with Harvard Women’s Hockey.

The Boston Pride sees their 2016 champion banner lifted to the rafters at Logan Airport.

Kristen Richards reflection on the PWHPA’s stance on social justice.

Hockey HOFer Danielle Goyette on her role in the development of Tampa Bay Lightning player Brayden Point.

An All-Time Connecticut Whale Starting Lineup with no Meghan Huertas?! Doesn’t seem right to me.

Tweet of the Week

Deeds, not words (or half complete pledges).

VIDEO: Five at The IX: Zoe Hickel Part II

We’re going back to our great chat with new OSU assistant coach Zoe Hickel. Check out this video with parts of our conversation not published on August 14th. Talking to Zoe was definitely a highlight of quarantine, now y’all get to see why.

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