The impact of Seri Pak — Ruoning Yin is set to defend her title in LA

The IX: Golf Thursday with Addie Parker, March 21, 2024

Happy Golf Thursday! Seri Pak, who went by Se Ri during her time on the LPGA, changed the landscape of golf in South Korea forever. She’s revered as a generational talent and a pioneer for women’s golf — and the tour is in LA this week for the Fir Hills Seri Pak Championship to commemorate her impact on the game.

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When Pak entered the scene in the late ’90s, she was a force to be reckoned with. She had won 30 tournaments as an amateur in South Korea, and when she climbed the rungs to the professional level, she won six titles on the KLPGA in 1996-97.

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At 20 years old, Pak brought her unbelievable talent to the States. In her LPGA debut season, Pak cemented herself as a future Hall of Famer, winning two major titles as a rookie — including that iconic U.S. Women’s Open win in 1998 over Jenny Chuasiriporn.

She was the third Korean-born player to win on the LPGA and the first to win a major. She birthed a generation of golfers, collectively dubbed “Seri’s Kids,” including LPGA Hall of Famer Inbee Park and major champions So Yeon Ryu and In Gee Chun.

Two decades later, there have been 49 Korean players who have won a combined 220 LPGA titles, and as of 2020, more than 1.3 million women play recreationally in Korea. We can’t imagine women’s golf without the impact of Korean players, and Pak’s success is a testament to what representation and hope can do for a culture.

This week’s namesake event has pulled some of the world’s best. Six of the top 10 are in the field this week, and we get to see the return of Lizette Salas to competition. She was close to retirement just six months ago.

Follow along all weekend. Until next time, golf fans!

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Five at The IX: Ruoning Yin on defending her title in LA this week

Q. What is the experience like? Do you see yourself on programs or posters, or is it more pressure as a defending champion?

RUONING YIN: I feel like there is some pressure, but for me, I just like see it as a normal tournament for me.

Q. You were back in Asia for the Asia Swing of events. First time taking part in the spring Asia series. What did you learn about your game taking part in those events?

RUONING YIN: I feel like Asia Swing is always fun, but I just don’t know why, like after every Asia Swing I get a little sick, like a cold.

I think it’s all about learning process. I can learn something from myself or from the course every day and just keep getting better even 1% per day. I think it’s good for me.

Q. Where do you feel like you’re getting better?

RUONING YIN: I think it’s more about the course experience, because the Asian course is quite different than the course in the States or Europe. The grass is different. It’s quite hard.

I think I’m learning fast. I think next year will be better.

Q. Coming back to Palos Verdes, like we said as the defending champion, what are some memories that you have from last year that stick out to you the most?

RUONING YIN: I mean, time flies, right? I can’t even believe it’s a year ago. I think coming back to Palos Verdes, I like this course. I like it a lot. A little hilly, but I like it.

I think it just suits me.

Q. We’ve been asking everyone this: Obviously Seri Pak’s name is behind this championship. She’s meant a lot to especially our Korean golfers out here. As a younger player on tour, what does it mean to be participating in an event like this hosted by someone like Seri Pak?

RUONING YIN: I mean, Seri is such a legend, and I thought she had 25 LPGA wins. I think it’s just amazing to be part of the field.

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