The IX: Hockey Friday with Erica L. Ayala – June 28, 2019

Hockey Hall of Fame, BGHC, and Pride, oh my — Hockey Hall of Fame roundtable — must-click links

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Back for another week that was in women’s hockey! The big news this week in Hayley Wickenheiser being tapped for the Hockey Hall of Fame. Naturally there is excitement, but there was also a full expectation that Wick would enter her first year eligible.

That said, the articles I’ve collected this week will examine some of the bias that still exists in the HHOF selection committee. As a summary, hockey is still very white, very male, and very North American-dominant.

That is why I am very excited to march with the Black Girl Hockey Club for World Pride this weekend! I’ve lived in NYC my entire life and have never been to the Pride Parade. BGHC will be sharing a float with You Can Play, the NWHL, and the NHL.

It’s huge that BGHC is being embraced by the NHL and Renee Hess is AMAZING! However, I hope the NHL continues to embark on its on journey of diversity and inclusion beyond BGHC. Kim Davis is an excellent first step and I understand they will be adding more staff to support her efforts.

Last week, I outlined the Diversity & Inclusion committee and the Female Ambassador Program as well. It’s still too early to tell how that will pan out. It’s also been very difficult to even find the right person to contact for follow-up.

However, steps in the right direction, but more can and should be done!

Follow me on Twitter or Insta (@elindsay08) for coverage from the parade. I might even sneak a few videos onto @theixnewsletter.

Happy World Pride!

This Week in Women’s Hockey

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Hayley Wickenheiser enters the Hockey Hall of Fame, hear her talk about getting THE CALL in the middle of a Med School practical exam.

She was the ninth woman inducted into the IIHF Hall of Fame and will be the seventh in the HHOF. Read how Wick continues to change the game.

Harrison Browne joins Canadian Olympic Committee panel discussion on inclusion in sport.

The Buffalo Beauts social accounts went dark, here’ s why! @NWHLBeauts is a new account, likely due to the rights issues.

Nate Oliver of The Hockey Writers believes there is plenty of NCAA talent to fill NWHL rosters.

Question is, will they? Bailey Larson is #ForTheGame, read what that means to her.

Minnesota will face Ohio State for the women’s outdoor Hockey Day game.

Western New England Golden Bears coming in 2020-21 season.

Lawrence University also adding a women’s program in 2020-21

From The Importance of Photography in Women’s Sports: “While four out of 10 athletes are female, just 4 percent of sports-related media coverage is devoted to them. They get only 5 percent of Sports Illustrated covers and a paltry 2 percent of airtime on ESPN’s SportsCenter.”

The World Roller Games are six days away! The Canadian Women’s Team includes 13-year-old

Tweet of the Week

Ryan Reynolds gets it!

Five at The IX: Angela James, Geraldine Heany, Angela Ruggeiro, and Jayna Hefford chat about “The Women’s Club” of the Hockey Hall

Including Jayna Hefford, there are only six women in the Hockey Hall of Fame. That will change this November when Hayley Wickenheiser is inducted with the Class of 2019. Last year, I spoke to four of the six women already inducted about what it’s like to have a growing “women’s table” and who they thought would be next. SPOILER: They were correct.

Erica L. Ayala: There is now one more women as part of the Hockey Hall of Fame club with Jayna going in. What are your thoughts about her being part of the 2018 class?

Angela James: Oh, I think it’s great! Finally, I think we’re almost up to a full table (laughs). So, that’s really nice. Especially, after the inductions, we can sit around and reminisce and talk about things just like the guys can. The more women there are, the better memories and times we can share with each other. You know, it’s all about the sport, the game of hockey, and we’re really happy about that!

ELA: (After the 2018 Legends Game) You are one of just a few women who can take the ice for the Legends Game. What did it feel like?

Geraldine Heany: Oh, it brings you back to when you first started playing hockey and actually I had to play with boys, so it’s kinda back to day one (laughs). But, it’s nice to see how the game has grown and continue to induct women into the Hall of Fame.

ELA: So it’s you, Angela (James) is here, and Jayna. Who do you think will be some of the next women to enter the Hall?

GH: Obviously, I guess Hayley Wickenheiser will be the next one coming in. But, they’re just so many other great hockey players out there that deserve it as well. Caroline Ouellette, Cassie Campbell, so we’re the lucky few that are getting in and getting recognized. But, it’s a team game and this awards is not individual award, it’s really the teammates that helped you get here.

ELA: What are your thoughts on Jayna Hefford being part of this 2018 induction class?

Angela Ruggiero: I think it’s fantastic! Jayna will be the sixth woman and I was the fourth and I think it just sends a real strong message to young girls that they have the opportunity to have their place in the Hall. And, in general, it shows the hockey community that we’ve arrived and that (hockey) is welcoming and for everyone.

ELA: Do you see being inducted into the Hockey Hall while being CWHL commissioner being able to help the women’s game?

Janya Hefford: Well, I think it just shows a lot of credibility to the game and coming here with this amazing class and all the guys up here knew about my career and were part of it. Marty St. Louis and I were talking about 2014 and his memory of the game. Gary (Bettman) was talking about when he was watching it and who he was sitting with. So, I think that just goes to show hockey’s hockey. When you get to the elite level, you can love the men’s game, you can love the women’s game, but we’re Canadian and we want to build the game and I think it’s just recognition to where the sport’s at and where the sport’s gonna go.

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