The IX: Hockey Friday with Erica L. Ayala, November 13, 2020

Welcome to Hellmouth! — Tackling Ableism in Hockey — Must-click women's hockey links

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Welcome to Hellmouth!

Hey peeps!

So, it’s Friday the 13th in the year 2020. I’ve decided today is basically Hellmouth, or the point in which the barriers between dimensions is susceptible to evil.

I don’t think this Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference has anything to do with hockey, but I just couldn’t help myself. I’m rewatching the series now and plan to binge for this special occasion.

While the Hellmouth thing is likely too dramatic, sadly it doesn’t feel too far off. Despite the clear and present danger of the time, nobody agrees on the proper amount of caution. Hockey East and WCHA announced their hockey schedules last week. Meanwhile, the Ivy League once again has packed up and moved the hell out of Sunnydale (cancelled winter sports), along with RIT.

Men’s hockey … and women’s hockey … are both members of conferences that have not yet decided to cancel their season, but ultimately, it seems, the school found the position of it being too dangerous for most sports to continue playing, but acceptable for other sports, to be untenable.

Four other Division hockey schools that sponsor both men’s and women’s ice hockey—Clarkson, RPI, St. Lawrence, and Union—are also members of the Liberty League for all sports besides hockey, but to this point have decided to allow hockey season to continue based their respective conference guidelines.

-Chris Dilks for SB Nation College Hockey

Meanwhile, there are still some peers while their peers decide just how many teens-turned-vampires is too much. Yeah, apparently I can’t get Buffy the Vampire Slayer out of my head. So, here is my best shot at 2020 cast as your favorite Buffy characters:

Buffy: All frontline workers who save us, serve us, and transport us despite our everyday ignorance to their brilliance.

Giles: The commissioners of each conference meticulously researching the latest data trends in the hopes of saving Sunnydale from carnage.

Faith: School Presidents, Governors, and other elected officials who were tapped to protect us but seductively dance with business interests at The Bronze in the wee hours of the night.

Xander: The folks who absolutely love sports, but hate every second of living atop the Hellmouth. They never grow tired of telling you, “I told you so!”

(This is me. I am Xander)

Willow: The fans smart enough to know this is all madness but still hope they can will Giles (commissioners) to a safe resolution.

Willow the Witch: Folks who drink hand sanitizer and bathe in bleach to fight the evil forces escaping from the Hellmouth.

Cordelia: Fans that, despite fighting alongside Buffy on occasion, don’t understand why we can’t just get on the ice and shut up about it! Will wear masks, but only when they perfectly match their outfit.

Spike: Folks willing and able to squeeze every last penny out of 2020. They will support quarantines, sell BLM shirts, and approve limited fans events all in the same breath. When the cases start to rise, they will disappear.

Angel: Folks who’ve seen the perils of COVID up close and vow to self-isolate until their boo thang invites them to Florida to party.

At the first sensation of pure exhilaration, they immediately become a maskless, curfew-breaking citizen. They grunt & grumble in front of their state capital demanding the government immediately reopen everything!

It’s impossible to talk hockey without first talking COVID. As far as we know, the women’s professional leagues in North America continue to monitor the pandemic. The NWHL already announced they were aiming for a January start. The PWHPA has not made an official announcement, but will not play in 2020, per Emily Kaplan.

If colleges and women’s pro hockey are insistent that the single site model will not work for them, then we must prepare ourselves for the possibility of no 2020-21 season. If that is the case, I kinda wish I would have saved my Buffy marathon for later. Ah well, I guess I’ll try watching the spinoff Angel for the first time.

Okay, this was meant to be funny and a healthy way to blow off steam, but most of the time I feel kinda like Pinoe in the tweet below. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other.

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This Week in Women’s Hockey

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MORE COVERAGE FOR WOMEN IN SPORTS? Good, click these links and show decision-makers that if you post it, we will read it! If you have any hot tips for great stories or voices you’d like to see in The IX, email me:

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COVID Updates:

Colgate finding creative ways to bond.

Union cancels winters sports, but not hockey?

Hobart & William Smith, Liberty League shut down winter sports

Wisconsin Badgers announce first part of schedule.

Tweet of the Week

No days off now so you can enjoy the ride later, lol!

Five at The IX: Tackling the lack of inclusion in hockey

Here is another snippet from a conversation on ableism in ice hockey that will premiere next week. Once again, I’m joined by Chanel Keenan, Jennifer Southall, and Katherine Vickers (Fingers Crossed Interpreting Agency).

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