The IX: Hockey Friday with Erica L. Ayala, April 23, 2021

Worlds on pause — WoHo reacts to Chauvin verdict — Must-click women's hockey links

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Worlds on Pause

Last week’s heading was “Hockey still trying to get COVID safety right” and I literally could have kept it.

In a matter of days, we learned that Bob Corkum stepped down as the head coach of the US National Teams days before Worlds because of COVID protocols, per the AP.

Shortly after, Kirsten and Nicole Haase revealed a set of anti-mask responses Corkum made on LinkedIn. Putting two and two together, it appears that Corkum was displeased with the strict COVID guidelines. USA Hockey has not addressed the issue beyond naming the new head coach.

As it turns out, neither Bob nor Joel will get the chance to lead the team next month. The Canadian Government will not permit the IIHF and Hockey Canada to move ahead with the tournament.

It’s an undeniable gut punch, given we are about two weeks away from what had been the planned start date of the tournament. It stings even more, given there has not been an International Women’s tournament since 2019. The biggest blow for me personally is we’re not even close to “the end” or “normal” or being on the “other side” of the pandemic.

All that said, it was the right call. Whether the call could have been (or should have been) made sooner, I’m not sure. I have seen criticism that there was no backup plan, and I can agree with that.

Players like Alex Cavallini, Blayre Turnbull, and Kendall Coyne Schofield took to social media to express their frustration. Check out the links below for the full comments. I found this quote a good summary of my thoughts:

“Like so many of us, I’m tired of saying this … but even more exhausted from feeling it: Women’s hockey, once again, deserves more and better.”

Kendall Coyne Schofield in USA Today

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Week in Women’s Hockey

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Must-Click Links

Kendall Coyne Schofield frustrated by Worlds postponement.

Canadian players head home disappointed by the Women’s Worlds postponement.

Black Girl Hockey Club scholarship deadline is April 30.

What the Connecticut Whale defense will need to do without Shannon Doyle.

USA Hockey names Joel Johnson interim head coach.

Kelsey Koelzer is still making a difference.

Madison Packer joined the Slapshot Sweethearts show.

PSU associate head coach Allison Coomey named to USA Hockey coaching staff.

Olympian Colleen Coyne tapped as the next Boston Pride President.

NWHL Awards Finalists announced, The Ice Garden with the details!

Sarah Nurse will be a guest on the Top of Her Game segment on SportsNet.

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Tweet of the Week

Five at The IX: WoHo Reacts to Chauvin Verdict

All the exhaustion I was feeling last week was likely my spirit telling me to purge my feelings as a way of making space for April 20, 2021.

Here is what I wrote last week:

I’m honestly getting tired of making a case for equality, or even just basic human decency. I know I’m not the only one fatigued by more killings of unarmed black and brown bodies.

I’ve offered resources before and I will continue to do so, but not this week. This week, I’d love for you to share with me what you are committed to doing to ensure:

  • Black people

  • Indigenous people

  • Asian and Pacific Islanders

  • Trans and non-binary people

  • and indeed ALL PEOPLE

are treated as people, not moving targets, punching bags, or targets for any other form of racism, sexism, bigotry, or hate. Please, tell me what you will do, maybe that will inspire me on the days I fall into deep despair.

I haven’t heard from anyone just yet, but I hope I do. For the moment, I’m moving in silence and leaving space for others to take up the torch. I truly hope our readers reach out with their plans to take on this very serious issue. I’m ready to join you!

Here are some statements from the WoHo world. Derek Chauvin was a Minnesota police officer found guilty on three counts for his involvement in the detainment and killing of George Floyd. USA Hockey did not put out a statement. They did tweet about the Willie O’Ree Community award on Wednesday. Hockey Canada did not react to the Chauvin verdict either. They did tweet for the one-year anniversary of the Nova Scotia mass shooting that claimed 22 lives.

A final word from me: I think assessing these statements as they stand and within the context of their actions is important. What I hope people don’t do is nitpick over the language use of “Black” vs “BIPOC”.

Yes, George Floyd was a Black man.

Yes, Black Lives Matter.

So did the lives of:

Chantel Moore, 26 who was killed by Edmonton police

Adam Toledo, 13 who was killed by Chicago police

The eight Asian women killed in Atlanta by a domestic terrorist

This isn’t a black & white issue, it’s an issue of systemic racism perpetuated by white supremacy and unnecessary race-baiting. Never forget that!

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