The IX: Hockey Friday with Erica L. Ayala, November 6, 2020

The beginning of the end for ableism — A Stacked deck — Must-click women's hockey links

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In the meantime, what are your most pressing questions?

Hey WoHo familia:

In case you missed it, we’re running a thread of most pressing WoHo questions! Click the link below to weigh in!

If you’re like me, this week has been quite a headache. Yes, the future of the country had me nervous, but more than that, I was dreading how the election would be discussed. I was not looking forward to the bad takes, the lazy shortcuts, the reactions from the sitting President.

In the middle of it all, Kelli Stack caught the attention of the women’s hockey community. Here’s the thing, I paid absolutely zero attention to that drama until I decided to look it up for this newsletter.

I regret that decision.

As someone who willingly takes on trolls who spread misinformation about women’s sports, I must say I’m surprised I don’t have the desire to weigh in here. Perhaps it’s because I neither trust the mob nor the target in this particular situation.

Respectfully, WoHo is not the first place I go for my political news or opinions. I’ve engaged in difficult conversations with athletes and some have made visible change, others have co-opted what active voices for change have been saying and doing without accreditation, acknowledgment, or even fully engaging in the practice of anti-racism. Much like the political system of the United States, I have no reason to trust WoHo in general terms.

Therefore, I am neither surprised nor particularly bothered by Stack. I do not think her political opinions do nor should impact her contributions to the sport. If anything, her retweets are more concerning in respect to her work in law enforcement, but that is also hardly a surprise.

As of now, I sadly don’t have any faith that the general hockey community is or will change for the right reasons. If anything, I am thankful we have more people expressing their opinions. I will address just one retweet and that is this one:
  1. This clip triggered for me the issue I have with calling Joe Biden “uncle” or claiming Bill Clinton was the “first black President”. We don’t have time now, but I have BIG problems with those two things

  2. People are terrible. People are good. One experience can prove both of those statements true in the moment, but hardly qualifies as evidence racism doesn’t exist

  3. And finally, and I would very much like to stress this: WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THIS?

Not sure if that last one in all its profane glory will make the final edits. (Editor’s note: our readers love, expect and deserve the full Erica experience.) I will wrap by saying: placing your faith in any one political figure is a fool’s errand.

Much like the conversations around the WNBA’s impact on the Loeffler-Warnock race or Stacey Abrams and voting in Georgia, these are simply small blips on a much larger movement.

If your sole goal is to slam an opinion without also offering materials (historical references, data, case studies, etc.) for others to review, you are not participating in the democratic process. I know, politicians have never been a good example of this, but all the more reason we shouldn’t expect better from any other public figures.

Ask more questions before wasting time on an argument.

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This Week in Women’s Hockey

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MORE COVERAGE FOR WOMEN IN SPORTS? Good, click these links and show decision-makers that if you post it, we will read it! If you have any hot tips for great stories or voices you’d like to see in The IX, email me:

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Getting to know Tatiana Shatalova.

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COVID Updates:

Boston University announced winter sports will resume with no fans.

WCHA nearing first part of 2020-21 season ‘puzzle’.

RMU halts sports after students and staff test positive for COVID.

Adrian College returns to the ice, ready to take care of unfinished business.

Tweet of the Week

Five at The IX: Tackling the lack of inclusion in hockey

Here is a tease to an upcoming conversation on ableism in ice hockey. I cannot thank Chanel Keenan, Jennifer Southall, and Katherine Vickers (Fingers Crossed Interpreting Agency) for joining me on ELECTION DAY of all days.

I decided to escape to a warm island, if only for zoom calls.

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