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The IX: Hockey Friday with Erica L. Ayala, June 25, 2021

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Nothing’s Fine, I’m Torn!

Sadly, the latest moves in the NWHL have me hearing Natalie Imbruglia in my head. It’s sad because I can’t stand this song and I really hate feeling torn about the Toronto Six hiring the first two Black coaches in league history.

Me, Miss #BlackRosie, feeling torn? Yes, I am staring-into-the-camera-like-it’s-1997 torn. It’s complicated but this is how I feel.

Here are the facts:

I really, truly, sincerely hope Toronto is not stacking up the team with #TeamMoreMelanin to gain diversity points. However, I can’r help but feel that way. Logically, Tinker staying closer to home makes sense, having Angela James come out of retirement will be fantastic for the sport!

That said, we have been left wanting. The Six has fallen silent on the pillars on which they stand. Empowerment, Inclusion, Education.

  • We as a community have not had the opportunity to get educated since Murphy stepped down from WSPWG.

  • Jessica Platt shared her story about feeling excluded by the Toronto Six in particular and neither the league nor the team has opened a community dialogue.

  • There is an opportunity to empower staff and players to dive into the importance of intersectionality, yet no leaders have stepped up. I will say, Saroya Tinker has spoken about how empowered she is to be coached by not one, but two BIPOC coaches.

If this is important to Tink, imagine how seen trans players, fans, and media would feel if the Toronto Six and the NWHL took a few more steps to have the difficult but necessary conversation around transphobia in a women’s sports league?

I am over the moon for all the Black representation I’m seeing in Toronto. I have called for this and hoped for this. Now that it has presumably arrived, I will raise my voice for other communities that still don’t feel appreciated, supported, or seen by WoHo.

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Week in Women’s Hockey

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Angela Ruggiero launches The Fan Project, making a data case for women’s sports.

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Kraken get Hak’d.

Anne Tokarski grades the Riveters “Steel Rosie” rebrand.

Tennessee State wants to be the first HBCU (historically Black college/university) to carry ice hockey teams.

Dan Rice with a great Q&A with Hayley Williams.

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Five at The IX: Juneteenth Panel for the Ages

I am always so honored to join Black Girl Hockey Club for basically anything. Last week, I co-hosted a wonderful conversation on intersectional antiracism. Here are some of my personal highlights. Clicking the hyperlink will send you directly to the timestamp.

Erica L. Ayala: I break down the history of Juneteenth and the Tulsa Massacre

Shireen Ahmed on the importance of learning and unlearning, always

Bryant McBride on the impact of the GI Bill on Black communities

Tara Slone on the balancing act of media and antiracism conversations

Rebecca “Moose” Morse on learning and unlearning things about her own community

Slone on the importance of holding onto hope

Moose addresses the Riveters, Saroya Tinker, and Barstool Sports

McBride believes hockey can be the next Black Renaissance

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