The IX: Golf Thursday with Carly Grenfell, October 3, 2019

A controversial rant — Interview with Hally Leadbetter — Must-click links in women's golf

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Randall’s Rant

I included this article in the links collection and some of the debate it sparked in the Tweet of the Week, but I wanted to touch on it some more here.

If you haven’t read it and need a quick rundown, Randall Mell, who has covered the LPGA for a quite some time, wrote an article about how great the Solheim Cup was—but that the Europeans and American players don’t win enough events on the LPGA. In essence, the dominance of South Korea on the LPGA is today’s reality.

“Is there a Solheim Cup bounce coming for both the United States and Europe?

If so, it couldn’t come at a better time with the Americans and Euros needing to rally to avoid their weakest combined effort in the LPGA ranks since the Solheim Cup was created three decades ago.

In the wake of the electric finish in Scotland, where the best Solheim Cup ever was staged, that’s an eye-opening realization, but it’s true.

The Americans and Europeans have combined to win just four LPGA individual stroke-play events this year (two apiece).”

I’m going to be honest, I feel that as a journalist, it’s okay to point out the facts. Of course players were a little offended because it does take away from what an incredible event the Solheim Cup ended up being. But Mell does still speak to that, and also says that there’s still plenty of time for this storyline to shift over the next six events of the 2019 season.

I saw some harsh tweets back to him initially before even opening the article and wondered what he wrote about. After reading it, I didn’t think it was vicious or trying to be mean. He did not shy away from responding to those tweets, like this one below, and I don’t blame him.

“This comes across as a shot at the Americans and Euros, but it’s really meant in the hope that there is an American and Euro bounce coming. The game is better with global balance. It’s better when the Americans, Euros and Asians are all thriving.”

The man has a point! I understand why some players and readers took it personally, or felt that it doesn’t matter where LPGA winners come from, but it’s just like any other sport—people want parity. Everyone complains when UConn women’s basketball has an undefeated season or repeats as National Champions. Everyone complains when the Golden State Warriors have a stacked roster and will likely win plenty more NBA Championships.

(Sports fans are all just a bunch of complainers, aren’t we?)

The fact of the matter is that the same storyline does in fact get old. The more winners, of all different types of backgrounds and from all over the world, the more attention the LPGA will get. The love will be spread even further if, as Mell states, there is global balance. I agree with him.

This Week in Women’s Golf

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LPGA cards at stake as the season makes its final turn.

The Volunteers of America Class is underway from Texas, here are the early leaders.

South Korea made world-rankings history.

MJ Hur is the latest LPGA winner after a stellar weekend in Dallas.

French Lick Resort will host the Senior LPGA Championship.

A million dollar prize, one of the biggest LPGA payouts, is worth the pain for Pace.

Think it’s hard to make it onto the LPGA? Trying doing that as a new mom.

This is what happens if a flying divot were to accidentally move your ball.

Annabelle Pancake put on a good show in Indy.

LPGA’s Jackie Stoelting puts career on hold to give birth to her son.

A controversial rant about European and United States golfers.

Alexo Pano shares her story with the The First Tee of Greater Wilmington.

Tweet of the Week

Five at The IX: Hally Leadbetter

Have a listen to my latest chat with Golf Digest’s Hally Leadbetter, daughter of the highly-revered PGA Coach David Leadbetter. We talk about her first-ever 18-hole golf score, growing up in a golf family, her role at Golf Digest, what all happens at an improv class and much, much more. Feel free to listen on iTunes or Spotify as well—and don’t be sure to give the show a rating and review so we can tell more people these stories of women doing amazing work in golf and beyond. Appreciate the support!

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