The IX: Golf Thursday with Carly Grenfell, August 1, 2019

Slow play — Interview with Lexi Thompson — Must-click links in women's golf

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Slow Play

Let’s talk about golf and some of the things that I (and probably many other people) inhibit its growth. Just to name a few off the top of my head: it’s a little intimidating if you’re new to golf or are trying to get into golf, it’s expensive, and last but not least, it takes a long time. Whenever I ask people if they play or like to play, I usually get the same response. Yeah I love going out to play, but I don’t really have the time to go that much. Or—Yeah I love going out to play, but it takes so long to play a round and I don’t have room in my schedule for that.

Scroll on down to my tweet of the week that sparked this introduction for me. Do you agree? Disagree? A nearly six-hour round, at a major, in a professional golf event, to me is inexcusable. Stacy Lewis makes another great point, too. Nobody wants to watch a round that takes that long either! It just sort of kills any excitement if you’re watching someone take 48 practice swings or read their putts from 13 different angles. You feel me on this?

One of my favorite things to do, being a golf newbie, is either just go to the driving range and hit balls for an hour or play 18 at a par-3 course by where I live. You can roll through those 18 holes in around 90 minutes! And you’re still getting a full golfing experience. Of course there are ways to combat the ‘time consuming’ portion of golf as casual golfers. You can also just go to a regular golf course and play nine. I think we forget that playing 18-holes isn’t an expectation we have to live up to.

I’ve got one more thing as it relates to time. Lexi Thompson caused a major delay in the arrival of a handful of players’ golf bags that were being sent from Geneva (where the Evian Championship was) to Woburn Golf Club (where the next LPGA event is, the Women’s British Open). She left her passport in her golf bag and was flying out of Geneva the day she realized she didn’t have it with her. So, her caddie came to the rescue! Kind of a funny story, to be honest. Here’s a great piece detailing what exactly happened if you’re interested!

That wasn’t the only Lexi drama last week either. She posted a pretty harsh Instagram last week at Evian complaining about course conditions. She ended up deleting it and apologizing later, but here’s a screenshot before she took it down. Ouch!

This Week in Women’s Golf

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Take a look at the T.V. times for the AIG Women’s British Open (teed off today).

Jin Young Ko won her fifth LPGA major after capturing the Evian Championship.

Rookie Jennifer Kupcho also had a huge week at Evian last week.

This 12-year-old qualified for the CP Women’s Open.

Here’s another article on Lexi Thompson’s travel blunder.

LPGA players taking back-to-back majors in stride.

For you podcast listeners, here’s one to check out—The Women’s Golf Report.

Lexi did apologize for causing the delay in golf bags arriving to Woburn.

Aronimink is preparing for its first LPGA major championship.

Here’s more on pros bemoaning brutally slow play.

Some things to know about the AIG Women’s British Open.

Golf’s big-hitting rookie will out-hit anyone, but will she win?

The U.S. Women’s Amateur will get underway August 5.

Tweet of the Week

Five at The IX: Lexi Thompson

After a tough week at Evian, Lexi Thompson will look to turn things around this week at the AIG Women’s British Open. Here’s a quick interview with her ahead of round one.

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