What 2021 will mean for The IX

Same great daily work and more subscriber benefits!

Hi all! Just a brief note to let you know about a change that won’t affect you, our dear current subscribers: we’re raising our rates slightly at The IX in 2021, from $5 a month to $6 a month, and for annual subscribers, $50 a year to $60 a year. That extra $1 a month (or 83 cents per month if you’re annual) will help us reach the next level in many ways: more ability to promote and expand the network you’ve helped us build, a chance to add freelance projects, and fund subscriber-only events in the years ahead.

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I have confirmed with Substack that this won’t change your rates, you are locked in at the current price you signed up for. If you know anyone who should be a paid subscriber, let them know: sign up by December 31, 2020 and they, too, can lock in the 2020 rates!

In addition, we’ll be sending out a survey in the coming weeks, subscriber-only, to make sure you have a direct voice in what we do next. And you can always reach us at TheIXMail@gmail.com anytime for any reason! We are here for you.

It’s been a year of growth here at The IX, and that’s only been possible because of you. So all of us doing this vital work every single weekday want to thank you for ensuring there’s a future for women’s sports media here.



Written by The IX Team