Soccer Monday with Annie M. Peterson for June 17, 2019

The Carli Question: Carli Lloyd making a case for herself, and excerpts from the media availability where Carli made the case for herself. Plus some links.

Carli Lloyd is doing what Carli Lloyd does.

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She’s scoring goals. Three of them, so far, at the Women’s World Cup. So it raises the question: Should Lloyd be starting?

Lloyd certainly thinks so.

“I know that my ability is there, I know this is my best version of me. I’ve just got to go out there and prove it,” she said after Sunday’s victory over Chile. “Whether that’s coming off the bench and making an impact, whether that’s starting and getting the opportunity, which I’m grateful for, I’m just trying to make the most of it. I want to win.”

Lloyd scored two goals and had two chances at a third — including a missed penalty kick and a shot that Chile goalkeeper Christiane Endler tipped up and out in the 72nd minute.

She also had a goal in stoppage time in the rout against Thailand.

Lloyd talked to the media this week in advance of Sunday’s game. She made no bones about wanting to start. I wrote a story about it here, as did many other media outlets.

Aside: Here’s how U.S. Soccer is working it here in France: A couple of players are made available at the team hotel on off days. The day before the match Jill Ellis speaks with a select player at the stadium. So access is pretty controlled, and that’s why you are seeing the same stories from everybody.

But, back to Lloyd: Here’s how coach Jill Ellis answered when Grant Wahl posed the “Carli Question” following the match against Chile.

“That’s why she’s playing, because she comes in and makes differences. I think what you get a sense of with this team and on the inside, is every player wants to play maximum minutes — and that should be every player should want that, even the goalkeepers that didn’t play today. I think if you asked them that question they’re gonna say ‘I’m ready. I’m prepared to play.’ So and that’s what you want as a coach for sure. I think the important thing for us is that players are ready to do any role and the fact that she’s now scored three goals, awesome, fantastic, ready, energized. I don’t think she could be in a better spot in terms of that so you know but I also know Carly’s ready to do whatever it takes for this team and she probably said that as well.”

So Ellis didn’t exactly answer the question. I’m guessing Lloyd will keep making her case.

This Week in Women’s Soccer

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OK, so way too much content out there with the tournament progressing. So I’ll just hit on some highlights. This is a good thing, guys. This World Cup is getting loads of coverage.

Also, I’m figuring you all saw the game, so I’m not including game stories here. I also don’t think we should re-live the celebrations controversy. Tempest in a teapot, as my mom used to say. But more attention on women’s soccer! There’s no bad publicity: Come for the controversy, stay for the game.

Today I wrote about Sam Kerr answering the haters.

In the run-up to the game I wrote about Carli Lloyd and Sam Mewis. I also wrote a wide-ranging story about how the Thailand result highlighted the inequity in field in France. And lots and lots of other stories.

The Equalizer has a Women’s World Cup page! You can find it here. Seriously, they have lots of people here doing awesome work.

Kevin Baxter with an interesting story on the backup Chilean goalkeeper’s journey to France.

Rachel Bachman of the Wall Street Journal wrote a comprehensive story about earnings and pay equity.

Nancy Armour wrote a great column on what’s behind the controversy over the celebrations.

Steven Goff writes about how the World Cup has been exciting for everyone except Alyssa Naeher.

Caitlin Murray on the golf clap for the Guardian.

Ron Blum did a wonderful story on the golf clap for The AP.

You guys, you should all bookmark ProSoccerUSA. Alicia DelGallo is here and doing amazing work. also has a World Cup page and I met Seth Vertelney!

Five at The IX: Carli Lloyd

OK, here’s just four questions with Carli, because I ran out of time because I was writing about Sam Kerr. So sue me.

Question about what’s motivating her.

Carli: “You know if I was satisfied with that I really shouldn’t be here. It’s not who I am as a person and player. I know that my ability is there I know that if called upon and needing to play 90 minutes I could do it. There’s honestly nothing there that’s that’s holding me back, except for the coach’s decision. I haven’t sat here and pouted around and been a horrible teammate. I’ve showed up every single day at training and been the hardest working player I could be and being respectful of that decision. But also you know what my chances have come I’ve tried to seize those and take those opportunities. So yeah I just want to do anything I can help the team, nothing’s really changed for my career, when I first got on this team in 2005. I’ve been kind of the same player trucking along just wanting to be better and better every single day.

Question about what she’s doing here and how she deals with the tournament.

Carli: “Yeah. Just you know, it is a little bit different for me, I think that each with each World Cup, I’ve kind of found the balance of what I need and what I don’t need. In 2007 I had my parents and my my boyfriend, now husband, at the time there. In 2011 I had family members there as well, and all of the other events I didn’t. So this event is no different. Just kind of on my own doing my thing and focusing. But yeah, tust whether it’s getting treatment ,whether it’s massages, whether it’s going out for a walk. It’s not too glamorous. Because you know you are, at least for me, I’m pretty focused the majority of the time. But there’s also a balance to that, shutting off the mind a little bit. But as the games approach making sure you’re mentally focusing on that.

Question about what she said to Jill after her goal against Thailand.

Carli: She just said she was really proud of me and I just thanked her for continuously giving me opportunities because at the end of the day, that’s a decision that her and the coaching staff have to make and I’m thankful for those opportunities that I get. It was just kind of know one of those moments I think, that we both know that I can help this team. I know I can help this team. I think Jill knows that I can help this team. My teammates know that I can help this team. It was just one of those moments like Let’s get this thing going.

Question about the teams besides France and the US at the Women’s World Cup.

Carli: I think in this World Cup you’re definitely seeing a major tactical shift. A lot of teams are really good. You know, even Sweden knocking the ball around. Norway I think looked good. Italy,quite potentially a little bit of a dark horse. You know you’re really seeing the tactical aspect of the game change and I think that’s kind of the biggest thing, as well as a technical standpoint as well. And I think you’re seeing teams become more and more fit. So it’s it’s great to see. You know there’s been a lot of goals there’s been obviously a lot of VAR, timeouts I guess you could say, in the games, and it’s good. It’s really good to see. I’ve been enjoying every second of it, and I know our team has as well.It’s just great to see for the women’s game.

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