The IX: Soccer Monday with Annie M. Peterson for July 15, 2019

Why are bros so mad about the USWNT celebrating? Oh, wait, I know. And why are folks talking about Hinkle again? Plus links and Rose Lavelle loves her left foot.

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In defense of obscenity

Hey everyone, I had a couple of ideas for a post here, now that I’ve (kinda) overcome my jet lag and had a week off to decompress. I kind of took some much-needed time off from social media, too, which was awesome for the soul.

But then I jumped back on this weekend, and I was disheartened by what I saw. From folks here at home. So I’m going to stray from my original plan, which was an ode to Rose Lavelle. More on that below.

Rather than celebrate the USWNT’s accomplishments, like the two straight World Cup championships, four stars on the jersey, and just generally being the BEST IN THE WORLD, we get men weighing in about how they shouldn’t curse.


There’s a couple of misguided media members here who felt the need to call out, or comment on, Ashlyn Harris celebrating winning the World Cup just as one would expect Ashlyn Harris to celebrate. Because, you know, they’re role models for young girls, think of the children, blah, blah, blah.

So hi, I’m Annie Peterson. I’m a mom of a wonderful badass daughter named Evelyn. I drop F-bombs all the time. I swear like a sailor on a daily basis. I also volunteer, mentor young people, and I try every day to be kind to those around me. I sing along to Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs in the car. I’m a knitter and The Good Place is my favorite TV show. I think I’ve been a pretty good role model for Evelyn, showing her you can work 30-plus years in a male dominated field and survive.

You know what else I’ve tried to show her? Don’t listen to the men who tell you how you SHOULD act. Don’t listen to the men who tell you how to be “appropriate.” Don’t listen to the men who are “bothered” by your behavior. Just cue Beyonce: “Middle fingers up … “

If you wanna celebrate being a WORLD CHAMPION, go ahead and celebrate it just the way you want. If you wanna celebrate like Ashlyn Harris, you go girl. Would I mind 10-year-old Evelyn seeing that video? Or 10-year-old Eddie? Not one bit.

Hint: Your 10-year-old kids have already heard this language, think it’s hysterical and are not gonna turn into serial killers because of it.

And as for those male media members who for whatever random reason thought it was a really good idea to judge a woman’s behavior, or weigh in at all, well, we know what this REALLY is.

Oh, and Ashlyn’s schtick was also a play on an old meme. But I don’t think these guys understood that, either.

One last quick note: The whole Jaelene Hinkle saga has been dredged up again.

THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IN THIS WHOLE DISCUSSION: She made a choice. She gets to live with the consequences of that choice.

Again, just to emphasize the point, it was a choice. She didn’t want to be a true teammate. So she isn’t.

So, let’s all go back and re-read Katelyn Best’s open letter. Because it was literally the best thing written out of that whole episode what, two years ago now?

OK, going back off social media because, damn. On to the links.

This Week in Women’s Soccer

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Less content out there this week because, like me, I think the usual suspects are taking a little time off after France.

Wonderful story in the Los Angeles Times about young Latinas playing soccer in Southern California, while also addressing the lack of diversity on the USWNT. (Thank you @osiliana for sending my way!)

Washington Port on the USWNT: They should get more!

Caitlin Murray on the USWNT players returning to their day jobs.

ProSoccerUSA on Ashlyn Harris hitting back on the silly claim that the USWNT isn’t inclusive of Christians. They team isn’t anti-Christian, just anti bigot.

This is great about managing periods to manage performance.

Deadspin on the curious case of Christen Press’ affiliation with Barstool. Aaron Heifetz with “amiss.’’ Love it. RJ Allen weighs in here.

Carli Lloyd gets a lap dance from Jennifer Lopez. This is a sentence I never dreamed that I’d write.

Kim McCauley looks way ahead to the next World Cup.

The Equalizer’s John Halloran asks if Tierna Davidson’s skipping her senior year at Stanford was worth it.

More calls for open stadiums.

Tweet of the Week


OK, this is the last transcript I’m gonna use from the World Cup. Except for the Sarai Bareman interview, which got delayed till next week because I went on a rant. Here’s Rose Lavelle from immediately after the victory over the Netherlands in the mix zone. She is the future of this team, feisty, talented and clever. She was a difference-maker on the field during the title run, for sure. And I thought her comments were fun, which is why they’re here.

Walks up: “Oh, all my friends.”

Describe your goal:

Rose Lavelle: “Sam played me a ball and I had a lot of space so I decided to take it and then I had a shot at the top of the box and thankfully I won it.”

Was it difficult?

Rose Lavelle: “I felt like, kind of over the course of the game, it was hard to find that kind of space. They were sitting in a little bit and so finally that there was kind of an opportunity needs to take space, I decided to go for it and thankfully it worked out for me. (Laughs).

Do you think the defender knew you were left footed?

Rose Lavelle: “Sure. Everyone realizes I’m left footed.”

Can you reflect on the World Cup?

Rose Lavelle: “I mean, the whole experience hasn’t really hit me yet. But I think I have such amazing players around me and it’s easy to look good when you play with all these incredible players and I just I feel so lucky to be a part of this group.”

Can you appreciate the journey?

Rose Lavelle: “Yeah it’s like wild how far I’ve come. And it’s like so surreal to know,like I just won a World Cup with people I grew up idolizing and — I can’t put it into words. It’s amazing.”

The goal, were you thinking or was it instinct?

Rose Lavelle: “I don’t know. I like my left foot, man (laughs). So I just got it on my left foot.

The midfield was a point of discussion. What are your final takeaways?

Rose Lavelle: “I think we just have confidence in whoever is on the field and I think it’s such a strong midfield and anyone really can get the job done on any given day and I feel like — I don’t know, I feel I feel so lucky to be able to learn from them and play with them every day and I couldn’t be any more proud of them.

Did you hear that chants from the fans: Equal Pay! Equal Pay!

Rose Lavelle: “I thought that was awesome. I thought that was really powerful. That was cool.”

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